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02:33am 08/09/2005
  I've been gone but now I'm TRYING to be back...  


10:36pm 25/05/2005
  It's called hits4pay basically an advertising company sends you e-mails and for every e-mail you read you get $.02, then if you refer someone every e-mail they read you get $.01 and then if they refer someone every e-mail they read you get $.01 until you get $25.00 and then they send you a check.

Simple Pimple. The e-mails come straight to you and you just have to scroll down to the bottom and that's it.

Plus you get a bonus $10.00 just for signing up. If you're interested please sign up under me by clicking this banner:

Get Paid To Read Emails

For people in the US and Canada only.


01:59pm 18/08/2004
  I have nothing to do. so. hi. hi2u.

join _fuckingrad

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Yay Random! 
09:03pm 11/06/2004
  Hiya. Just skimming by and dropping some icons. Please x-post them to other communities and such, please.

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03:11pm 19/05/2004
  v hhj ghtvjh uy fy rfyg

Have you ever walked past some food product lying on the ground and thought, "What a waste! That's still good to eat!" Well, I was thinking that today and it led me to this question: If you were extremely poor, starving, and thirsty, what would be your limit as to what you would eat/drink? For example, I would probably drink mucky water out of a gutter.

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07:41pm 03/05/2004

What do people think about Internet pr0n? Yes? No?


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Yayness Anus..! 
08:45pm 02/05/2004
mood: crazy
A list of funny-sounding one-syllable words:


For some reason, everytime I draw hide, he looks chubby. And for some reason, my dictionary said “everytime” is not a real word. And apparently it’s May. Wow, time sure passed by fast when you’re worried and stressed about miscellaneous things. Not today though, it’s hide Memorial Day. hide wanted everyone to be happy. So I’ll save the moping for another day.

Don’t eat that frog, it might be halluncinogenic! I have to go breast feed my numbing mind now. I’ll post again some day. Or maybe 10 minutes later.


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10:17pm 02/05/2004
mood: bored
Today, out of nowhere, I started doing this crazy arm-flailing thing and bouncing around while imitating Chinese. It was great. Carlos and Missy just looked at me like I had lost my mind and they started laughing. I was like "what? I'm doing the Chinese Octopus dance." It was soooo funny. I'm thinking about making a pic or a moving icon...HAHA. Anyway, let's see...did I do anything else? OOOoohh, I sent Obby-kun a huge wallpaper of Morning Musume and had a good laugh. Of course, he wanted to shoot me and for good reason. *shudders at the thought of them*

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10:31pm 01/05/2004
  io 4nwatf,4ioewa
(random banging of fingers on keyboard cause will fall off with toes)
no onesh can shay thatsh shtupid. becaushe itsh not. Sh is a wonderful sound. Shpeshially when yousha drunk. But mesa not drunk. Mesa just talk like Jar Jar Binks. BUt hesh Jar Jar binksh. >.> Whats going on here?
Crazy you are.
Stupid you be.
Talk like yoda good for me.

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Halo whakyness 
06:57pm 29/04/2004
mood: cold
Was playing 'death by rockets' as me and the lads call it, and I managed to get shot over into space on the map 'Boarding Action'. I just screamed out, "Wendy! I can flyyyyy!" as I flew to my death of instant lung implosion in the vacuum of space.

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Duct Tape and Radio Sand-Witches for everyone! 
10:05pm 28/04/2004
mood: amused
Thats right. Mikey is here. All can rejoice for their lives have been saved!

I was playing ff7 earlier and a creature dealt 1337 damage to me...I was afraid to fight it after that because my characters are no good against 1337 monsters...

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08:41pm 28/04/2004
  x c vhthgghbfdsfrhyhfs!!!!!!!!! XDDD

I joined! The mother ship is coming to take us to the Land of Milk and Honey, which is ironically just south of Westchester County. OH LOOK! It's Gilligan's island!

I listened to two hours of this Korean band Eve. They suck!!!!!!!111 There, I said it! Ok, they're not that bad, but I really didn't like them.

We don't speak of Hyde's girlfriend in THIS house, mister!

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Oops, didn't lj cut that. Sorry, RCA.

I love J-rock. It makes me feel all tingley in my... ears. Because it's sounds, stupid.


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07:54pm 28/04/2004
mood: amused

Here is my random act for the day. Right in the middle of sex today with my boyfriend, I was like "You know...Missy and I ate french toast last night. MMmmm." and then we was like "OMG, would you shut up?". I then replied with "Yayness, I just fulfilled the way of CUC." I was so proud of myself b/c I didn't even think about it when I said it and I wasn't aiming for a random act or anything. I just laughed really hard and he thought I was stupid. Anyway, that was my wonderfulness for today. WOO HOO~!

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02:03pm 28/04/2004
mood: amused

The following is a dramatization:

saiya090 (2:07:08 PM): right..
The Obbish (2:07:12 PM): left!
saiya090 (2:07:16 PM): ?
saiya090 (2:07:17 PM): oh
saiya090 (2:07:21 PM): --;
The Obbish (2:07:24 PM): *random!*

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08:30am 28/04/2004
mood: awake
Today, I randomly went, "RANDOM!~" and poked Steph on her cheek. o.O
I can't do any toe-typing because I'm at school...so I'll just leave that for when I get home. :)

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Marfs Greetings 
09:20pm 27/04/2004
mood: contemplative
The official greeting of the online Marfs community is a random typing by the toes. If you are talking to someone online and they are a member, or you want to great them in a post/etc you greet them by typing with your toes.

For Example: iidri5tr8i5r

If you greet the person IRL, you stroke their arm 3 times.


What is CUC? 
06:20pm 27/04/2004
mood: Wiggly
We belong to a cult that honors random-ness. Obby-kun(lex_luthor) and Josh~kun(lucius_sa_aset) created this sect. We made it in hopes that others would follow and learn to love random-ness as we have come to do. Being different and spontaneous is wonderful. Followers of our cult shall be called Marfs. Members are to carry out a task on a daily basis. They are just to perform some random act to a random person at any time in the day and report them here for all to rejoice.

It's the Church of Unaccountable Chaos.