¡!¡! cHUrcH of UnAccOUntAblE cHAoS !¡!¡


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We are the Church of Unaccountable Chaos..^^

Here, our members(Marfs) realizes and commits random things on a daily basis for no apparent reason. We believe in randomness, and the randomness of that. All is unpredictable and spontaneous in the world, why not accentuate it by helping?

~We have an official greeting while online, and it consists of typing with your toes.
~We probably have an official greeting while in person too, but it's still under developement.
~We believe in randomness, unaccountable chaos is the keyword, it has to be unaccounted for in order to be random.
~And everyone can have their own personal deities. It doesn't even have to be permanent!

You can worship all things umbro-green this week, then swtich over to plushie nylon pineapples the next! ^.^

"afnaodfasdfdsfdfddddddfadsfafaff" ~said our co-founders, when Toe-Typing.